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What Do You Call Them?

Plug Nuts

Self Clinching Fasteners, Insert Nuts, Cinch Nuts, Clinch Nuts, Push Nuts, Hole Nuts, Threaded Inserts, Blind Nuts, Plugnuts or Plug Nuts. No matter how you refer to them, Mel-Ba Manufacturing has the product for your sheet metal fastening or bus bar fastening needs.

Mel-Ba's plug nuts are referenced on the world's leading manufacturers' prints such as:

  • AEG Transportation (615A72)
  • Case (D-44566)
  • Crown (111606)
  • Department of the Army (10947099)
  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer (437A113 & 10D0232)
  • General Electric (0293A3545 & 264V224)
  • Siemens (14-147-052)
  • Westinghouse (765A582 & 21D6979)

Mel-Ba's plug nuts are used in a variety of applications:

  • chassis
  • metal cabinets
  • bus bars
  • point of sales displays
  • foot leveling systems
  • electrical switching equipment
  • breaker boxes
  • explosion proof boxes
  • heavy duty enclosures
  • high performance racing wheels
  • trench boxes
  • sheet metal fabrications
  • medical equipment
  • aerospace equipment