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How to select Plug Nuts® self-clinching metal fasteners.

Important Specs for selecting Plug Nuts®

Selection Table
Insertion Performance Table

Threaded Insert Selection

  1. Determine the size (bolt diameter) required.
  2. Determine the thickness of the plate into which the Insert would be installed.
  3. Select and identify an Insert from the threaded insert selection table.

Ordering Information

Example: 10- 24 X .086 - see the insert selection table to follow this example.

The first number (10- 24) indicates tap size and thread pitch. The last number indicates minimum product thickness (P), into which the nut may be inserted, without protruding through the material.

Standard Inserts are made from low carbon steel, case hardened, but not plated. Stainless steel, aluminum inserts and brass, as well as metric sizes, are available as special order items.

Electro-galvanized finish, with or without dichromate treatment or other types of plating are available, but must be specified on the order. Standard minimum plating thickness is .0002".

Inserts are made for use in thickness of materials down to .030" and in bolt diameter sizes from #4 to 3/4". Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000.